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4085Re...Looking for Andean Crops

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  • francois daoust
    Mar 13, 2004
      Hi, I would want to thank you for your interest.

      I look at organicseed.com They have oca roots, I am to late for this season.
      Their last order was 1 st of March. Thanks a lot Heather, I will try next

      Hi Zack, I live in Canada zone 5 I think it roughly correspond to US Zone 4.
      I Ask Canada's governemt Phytosanitation Rules. The seeds got to be certify
      by a Accredited certifier. They must not contain organic debris and weed
      seeds. I think they would have to be processed with peroxyde hydrogene too.
      The roots have to be certified as well and not contain any pests and soil. I
      could more precise...

      Do you have access to certain of these crops?



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