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4Re: [fukuoka_farming] This dying planet

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  • Chuck West
    Jul 2 3:34 PM
      Of course! This just makes more sense than trying to rely solely on
      reforestation, which often is the only thing mentioned.


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      > > We're killing this planet in ever-expanding bits and
      > > pieces and something HAS to be done! Fukuoka is
      > right >... trees, no matter how important to the
      > ecosystem,
      > >cannot be regenerated fast enough to save the planet.
      > >We have to resort to tactics which are much more
      > >drastic, and which show results much quicker. Clay
      > >balls very well could be the answer.
      > I, too, think that Fukuoka's methods could go a long
      > way towards helping solve some of the major problems
      > this planet is facing, but seedballs alone won't do
      > it. People will also have to change the way they think
      > about nature and behave towards it. In the end, that's
      > the only thing that will save us. Sowing a forest with
      > seedballs is only beneficial in the long run if the
      > local community uses it in a sustainable manner.
      > Getting that to happen is the big hurdle.
      > Stephen Canner
      > Austin, Texas
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