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3969Re: [fukuoka_farming] Digest Number 645

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  • Shivambu
    Dec 31, 2003
      > It is always easy to knock the US and define it as the 'evil empire'/'great
      > satan',
      That great enviromentalist and war hero Ronald Regan used the term 'evil
      empire' in 1982 in reference to the USSR.Now we have an even bigger war hero
      and much greater protector of the enviroment in George Bush who gave us
      "axis of evil".These guys sure like to promote evil.
      Satan in Islam is far different from the Christian satan.He is a wastrel,a
      polluter, one who despoils.He is looked at with derision.He is not feared as
      some great evil being.
      This expression is also a political one and not a personal one.
      Berry is part of a long history in the states of enviromentalism but what
      chance do they have to get a message across when the 'liberal media'is so
      intent on promoting Bush.As an old testament christian he believes that the
      earth was given to man to use as he wishes.His wish is to despoil.Truly he
      is a 'great satan'.
      Sorry,I know its ot but were talking about an administration that is the
      opposite of Fukuoka and if he became popular they would have to destroy him.