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3944Re: [fukuoka_farming] acorns

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Dec 24, 2003
      (Jean-Claude, have you sampled any? there should be some in your area as
      well). \
      yes just once because i eat only raw foods and assume they will be too bitter as the one i tried was . But yes we manage to save may be the biggest stand of oak trees in bc from developpers . it is now an ecological reserve .

      if you want pictures of old ones see . i am the one sitting in their mossy fork.
      i have one tree on my property that is starting to be taken over by firs .i planted few more .
      the fruit is small in comparaison of the fruits of oak in France .
      i had the view on my previous land to plant acorns chestnut and other nuts to have wild boars underneath .


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