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3581Re: [fukuoka_farming] FW: [SANET-MG] Will you sell your country out for 70 cents?

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  • Robin, Maya, or Napi
    Oct 31, 2003
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      Welcome back, Mr. Jamie,

      Have missed hearing from Souscayrous, your thought- & link-rich posts. The
      one just sent from SANET that spells out the connections in the US power
      structure is a doozy (Southern US slang for remarkable), as a depressing but
      necessary expose'. The link at the bottom of that post
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Palaces4People/>leads to exciting possibilities.

      Hurricane Isabel knocked us out of water for five days, out of power for
      over a week, plus knocked our beloved park trees down here & there. Catching up
      with Fukuoka group reading while dealing with the aftermath has taken a much
      longer time than a week. My prayers go to those in Japanese earthquakes,
      California wildfires, & war-torn villages who would find luxury in our situation
      at it's worst.

      Sometimes I have written here about the two Leyland Cypresses that were only
      a few feet outside the cafeteria windows; they are now leaning on the gazebo
      frame (the gazebo canopy was brought in before the winds came). Our favorite
      climbing tree is now gone. Looking back toward the school from the park, there
      were two trees blown down in one direction, one in another, two more in a third
      direction, & some just leaning precariously. We now have many holes to fill.

      The conversations here on this newsgroup, as always, inspire the highest
      goals for the work ahead of us in the school yard & park. Reading plans on this
      group for the 80 acres, & having the (relative) neighbors in BC chime right in,
      having the earnest questions asked from Turkey & a quick complete referral to
      Greece, knowing Haftl is both gardening & fighting wildfire in his head as he
      recuperates, homeschoolers Down Under, charming, useful poetry from akhan, these
      & all the rest of the communication, long timers & newbies, keep company with
      conviction in the validity of a daily study of the plants around us. Does
      anyone know if we will we see the return of the detailed botanical knowledge of
      Professor Graves? Seems like both Jamie & DG disappeared about the same time.
      Readers of the Organic Gardening group are able to follow active Ms. Gloria when
      this list is quiet. Mr. Robert has kept us informed.

      We have not yet gotten the clover seed, (thanks again to members of this
      list for their research & recommendations) but now is the time for sowing, to
      reclaim the clear cut raw clay that is all the neighboring developer has left of
      our greenway to the river. We have actively organized our volunteers for
      tree-cycling, which is to transplant small trees, shrubs, bulbs, & groundcover
      from demolition sites where new construction is not going to make use of the
      existing landscaping. We are using the urban standards to landscape by the
      state highway, because of the air pollution that must be considered. Any more
      delicate native species that we collect in tree-cycling are to be planted on the
      far side of the berm, away from the highway, where we have worked with the
      developer to reshape the block of park that he had used to store mountains of
      clay from his foundation dig. The mountains of clay buried everything that had
      been the park, even the trees. He will use his equipment to give back a small
      valley for the transitional experience of going from one block of city park that
      is a flat field with a straight walkway, down to the next block which will be a
      serpentine path through a rough, boulder strewn valley, which then leads to the
      railroad-tie stairs under the bridge (the full-accessibility ramp is not in yet,
      will be built of the dirt bulldozed out to reshape the valley), then on down to
      the footbridge over the James River. At this time, the park system is festooned
      with Isabel's left-over 'widow-makers', heavy branches just barely hanging
      overhead, waiting for a gust of wind or a cracking branch to give way for the
      whole weight to come crashing down.

      We know that we are the lucky ones. As we watched the hurricane in awe from
      the 2nd floor, the cypress would bow down & flap back up, over & over through
      the night, but they never came through the windows. When the wind died the next
      day, those trees had landed on the gazebo, oddly pointing away from the
      building, as if the force had blown right through us. Friends from here to the
      coast lost homes & businesses. Neighbors had trees in their 2nd floor bedroom,
      several knocking off hundred-year old porches, a few fell cutting cars in half,
      & some were fatal. We lost our trees, but not each other. The choice of
      replacement plantings is clearly significant in terms of whether the tree has a
      long taproot or a wide shallow spreading root system.

      N at Circle School, Richmond, Virginia, US

      jamie wrote:

      > Hello everyone, perhaps the following forwarded post will make more sense to
      > US citizens than it did to me, certainly regarding the people involved
      > anyway. However, what comes through clearly is the intensely complex
      > interrelations between money and politics in the US and the media battle for
      > the ear of the consumer/citizen.
      > Jamie
      > Souscayrous
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