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3579FW: [SANET-MG] Will you sell your country out for 70 cents?

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  • jamie
    Oct 27, 2003
      Hello everyone, perhaps the following forwarded post will make more sense to
      US citizens than it did to me, certainly regarding the people involved
      anyway. However, what comes through clearly is the intensely complex
      interrelations between money and politics in the US and the media battle for
      the ear of the consumer/citizen.

      Whilst the right to state your case is enshrined in most western
      democracies, it seems that if you have the money you also have the right to
      continually undermine legitimate investigation and pander
      pseudo-investigation by retainered scientists.

      The suggestion of sociopathy at the end of the post is no mere rhetoric,
      these are the characteristics of a sociopath (AKA psychopath). If such
      people do have the ear of top politicians, and it is very difficult not to
      draw that conclusion, perhaps the remorseless foreign policy of the US can
      be explained.

      Agriculturally, it is clear that conventional practices are underwritten by
      these same people/corporations both in the US and in so-called markets
      abroad. Anything we might wish to do to change the status quo would seem to
      be a wasted effort when pitted against these enormous resources. Fukuoka
      turned his back some time ago on the US and Europe and has spent his time in
      developing countries (though developing toward what?), perhaps he already
      realised the futility of trying to make a change - he certainly lost
      interest in writing!

      There is a very real fear that divorced of clear information, or at least so
      confused by contradictory information, US citizens/consumers are no longer
      able to make informed choices and their innate balance (what some might call
      the instinctual 'goodness' of people) has been lost. Therefore when they
      support Bush, when they elect him next year for a second term, when they
      underwrite his disastrous 'war on terrorism' through the ballot box or
      apathy, they become what they have always fought against - the US becomes
      the 'evil empire'!


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      Sent: lundi 27 octobre 2003 06:21
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      Subject: [SANET-MG] Will you sell your country out for 70 cents?

      You have seen many more samples of Dale Wilson's posts
      over the past two years than I have. There are Bivings
      Group paid agents pretending to be "just folks" whose
      terms of employment require them to speak as you have
      said Dale speaks. They are paid to join SANET-MG and
      paid to take Monsanto's side, or else they don't get

      The "Washington Times", owned 100% by felon Sun Myung
      Moon has tens of thousands of unpaid servants who
      speak the same message. The Cato Institute, founded by
      convicted negligent killer Charles Koch, is one of two
      hundred "think Tank$" and "In$titute$" in a
      cross-linked shared directors network which publishes
      identical to Dale Wilson's words and thoughtforms on
      the pages of Moon's BrainWash Times, Forbes, Wall
      Street Journal, Murdoch's Fox network, etc. For a time
      Murdoch was on the board of Cato's directors with
      founder's-brother David H. Koch, while Junk-Science
      Malloy was on Cato's payroll, thus Malloy's subsequent
      employment with Fox. Up until his death, Julian Simon
      was a "Cato Fellow" -- Simon who became the corrupt
      Bjorg Lomborg's role model.

      So is "Dale Wilson" a real person, or a Biving's Group
      pseudoname -- is there a real "Polly" making fritters
      in the kitchen? Is he a dupe of a corrupt subversive
      "party line"? If you sign up on the Republican
      activist's website, operated by Bivings Group on
      Bivings' web server, you can win hats, jackets,
      sweatshirts by doing assignments: reading the weekly
      "talking points" and posting a specified number of
      posts on usenet and other discussion groups. Since
      Monsanto is a Bivings client, of course the talking
      points will include pep-talking GMOs and bashing
      organics, and of course one target has to be SANET-MG.
      These "republican activists" will not even know that
      they are unpaid workers for Monsanto, and their
      messages will have lots of misspelling for
      authenticity that this is NOT AN ORGANIZATION SPEAKING
      but a real person. A real fool person, that is.

      Remember when we discussed the "The Greening Earth
      Society" a couple years ago, whose website was once
      listed as located at the home of the Idso brother
      whose wife made the video tape on "increased CO2 is
      good for us". The Idso brothers often collaborate with
      Balliunis and Soon in disinformation campaigns, with
      the Idsos running the CO2science website, and
      Balliunas running TechCentral.com. So is Dale just
      duped, like so many others stumbling around like a
      pinball bouncing off disinformation propaganda mills?
      Or is he a paid agent of somebody? Or has he
      coincidently adopted the exact same arrogant
      harrassment of people who insist on (1) open
      disclosures, (2) freewill choice, and (3) informed

      Maybe Dale is a Moonie, who believes that the
      convicted felon Sun Myung Moon is the christ, and he
      does what Moon tells him out of religious fervor? The
      washed up scientist Fred S. Singer took up Moon's
      offer of free office space for a year, and a chance
      for a comeback in science by being a sock-puppet with
      Moon's beefy arm up his throat flapping the mouth.
      Maybe Dale needed a savior, and picked one who would
      tell him what to say. Three "pretty" Moonie ladies are
      assigned to each and every single congressman and
      senator as gofer's or whatever service our lawmakers
      may need, so Dale's chipping in to this sacred cause
      is like, well, like Jimmy Carter helping Habitat for
      Humanity, a charity thing. After all, if both
      presidents Bush are close family friends of Moon, who
      could fault Dale for falling under Moon's spell? And
      maybe Moon assigned Dale three pretties...

      Dale has an American Right to freedom of religion. If
      his religion happens to be identical to Moon's, well
      that's as American as Sun Myong Moon and Rupert

      And speaking of Murdoch, he happened to have a chair
      at the table of Cato's board at the same time with a
      VP from Phillip Morris (Altria, now), so that's where
      Malloy came from -- Malloy used to run two
      disinformation outfits for the tobacco companies,
      which is why his junkscience.com website tells you
      global warming is good for you, GMOs are good for you,
      and cigaretts are good for you. Malloy never gave up
      his tobacco cash cow when he was taken on Fox as a

      So Dale, looking around America of today, seeing the
      billionaires have it all sowed up tight, decided which
      side of the bread had the butter on it. And that
      wasn't the side that likes open disclosures, freewill
      choice, or informed consent. No wonder he has no
      respect for the opinions of people who lost, are
      losing, will always be losers, because they don't
      understand the messiah's plan for a theocratic
      America, and through America's superpower, a
      theocratic world. The losers have no idea of the
      magnitude of the subversion they are facing, and lose
      their time arguing superficial things like "plant's
      rights" for gawd's sakes...

      "Saneteers" haven't ever asked themselves why all
      these billionaires, with more money than they can
      spend in the remainder of their lifetime, needs to
      pound, pound, pound on tiny organics marketshare.
      Farmers subsidize the munitions industry -- and if the
      farmers decided they didn't need to buy all those
      sacks of nitrates then the bottom is going to fall out
      from the landmine sales. It costs over $100m to build
      a basic haber-bosch plant and lots of whole entire
      countries can't afford that so they import
      fertilizers. If the farmers walk away, the
      petrochemical-munitions system is destabilized,
      because farmers are subsidizing all those little bush
      wars in Africa (and "Bush" wars elsewhere), and the
      damn hippies are not going to steal that cash cow. The
      billionaires don't need the money -- that's not an
      issue: they need the ongoing slaughter like a junkie
      needs a fix. These are satanically evil people, doing
      everyday business in a satanic way: no open
      disclosures, no freewill choices, no informed consent.
      Fits my definition of satanic, anyway.

      But I invented a non-denominational term for this
      behavior: BIOSOCIOPATHY. It has all the same
      diagnostic markers for sociopathy with the exception
      that biological systems are used as "ricochet"
      devices, inflicting wounds on targets of opportunity
      through degradation of their environment or
      degradation of their health.

      Here, from an official psychiatric definintion of
      sociopathy mental illness metric are an assortment of
      symptoms. not all symptoms exist in each psychotic
      person but every sociopath exhibits a majority of

      1) Sense of entitlement;
      2) Unremorseful; Apathetic to others
      3) Unconscionable behavior;
      4) Blameful of others;
      5) Manipulative and conning;
      6) Affectively cold;
      7) Disparate understanding;
      8) Socially irresponsible;
      9 )Disregardful of obligations;
      10) Nonconforming to norms;
      11) Irresponsible

      Here's an example of how these are applied to diagnose
      the Koch brothers:
      1) Sense of entitlement; Yes. Killed Teens because of
      non-inspection gas pipeline for 11 years. (Court
      Records PROOF - LOST $296,000,000 court punishment --
      kids still dead.)

      2) Unremorseful; Apathetic to others: Cheated Own
      Brothers for Years (lost lawsuit), fined $30,000,000
      for polluting air-water-soils in four states, (Court
      Records PROOF - LOST $3,000,000 court punishment to
      cheated brothers, same to govt.)

      3) Unconscionable behavior; BRIBING candidates,
      funding subversive orgs. (Proofs: campaign donation
      records, candidates services to KOCH bros criminals.)

      4) Blameful of others; Environmentalists harm
      billionaires right to pollute. (Proof: 3 Koch
      foundation gifts IRS records, IRS records of receipts
      of KOCH donations by "think tank$".)

      5) Manipulative and conning; puppetmastering through
      bought politicians, funding whore science studies.
      (PROOFS: donations to, and output from discredited
      pseudo scientists.)

      6) Affectively cold; SATANICALLY SO! Cheated Brothers,
      govt, indians, public (lost lawsuits because proof
      positive was entered in permanent law records.

      7) Disparate understanding; EVERYBODY ELSE KNOWS --
      when you have more money than you can possibly spend
      in the rest of your life, take a break, enjoy
      yourself, don't subvert the country that made your
      wealth possible.

      8) Socially irresponsible; willing to gamble that
      millions, even billions of lives might be cut off by
      GLOBAL WARMING catastrophes which have been forewarned

      9) Disregardful of obligations; Tried for 91 CRIMINAL
      COUNTS of pollution -- saved by puppetmastering
      Bush/ASScroft sucker Republicans. (PROOFS: public
      records of trial.)

      10) Nonconforming to norms; Most people do not kill or
      injure their neighbors for a few more bucks after they
      have obtained their SECOND BILLION DOLLARS.

      11) Irresponsible: SPENDING SCORES OF MILLIONS OF
      DOLLARS TO SABOTAGE KYOTO using fake science from
      BRIBED scientists who haven't had their claims
      published in PEER REVIEW to injure 20,000 future
      generations because of INSATIABLE GREED!.

      Maybe Dale is a prophet of this religion...

      The false profits are paid deceivers working for such
      incredibly corrupt people as:

      Charles Coors,

      Sun Myung Moon,

      Charles G Koch,

      David R. Koch,

      the dead-but-still-meddling John M. Olin,

      Richard Scaife,

      L&H Bradley,

      One of the clinical diagnostic features of all forms
      Another is PREMEDITATION.


      --- "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lfl@...> wrote:
      > Lion Kuntz wrote:
      > > Douglas, speaking for the welfare of plants,
      > advocates
      > > a "humane" approach. After all, we co-evolved out
      > of
      > > the same flesh. Plants are undoubtably complex
      > beings,
      > > with the rice plant having a far larger set of
      > genes
      > > than human beings do. Perhaps they have more going
      > on
      > > than humans can appreciate and speak for. Douglas
      > > advocates allowing domesticated plants to have
      > some
      > > destiny of their own, out-of-bounds of human
      > > interference.
      > Because humans have for thousands of years
      > protected, preserved and shepherded
      > select groups of domesticated plants following their
      > own destiny, for their own uses; a win-win
      > situation.
      > > Dale advocates the needs of humans to eat, which
      > > requires plants and/or meat from plant-predators,
      > and
      > > therefore optimizing human service from plants
      > (and
      > > animals).
      > For the least cost, reliably government subsidized,
      > for the lowest wages, the cheapest inputs of the
      > lowest quality that will allow the job
      > to be done, with minimum environmental controls, for
      > the maximum corporate profit, the most attractive
      > bottom line and the hightest stock
      > value, for the largest corporations who share the
      > least with those who make their success possible.
      > --
      > L.F.London
      > lfl@...
      > http://market-farming.com
      > http://www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
      Santa Rosa, California, USA
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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