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3477Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: our brother is backwith us!

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  • Larry Haftl
    Sep 7 3:09 PM
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      Hi Gloria,

      > Ah! Larry! Isn't being greeted with such warmth truly heartwarming?

      Yes it is, and it sure beats the heck out of getting stoned to death for
      letting the website become temporarily inaccessible.

      Actually, I've made peace with the weeds. All of them. I was just wishing
      there were more edible things out there as well - tomatoes, melons, squash,

      I've decided on what I'll do in areas where I want to suppress the weeds in
      order to grow the less aggressive vegetables. I'm just going to cut the
      grass/weeds short in that area and then cover the entire area with a thick
      layer of straw. Wet the straw to start it on its way to decomposing, do a
      little localized turning through the winter as the more ambitious plants
      push through the straw (lift the straw mulch so the plants are pulled back
      through it, and then lay the mulch layer back on top of those weeds to cover
      them and make them expend more energy trying to poke through the mulch
      layer.) Come spring I'll just plant right into the area, probably with a
      combination of transplants (my greenhouse will no longer be a chicken coop
      by then) and some direct seeding. Not even going to dig paths between the
      "beds", just mark them somehow to keep from walking on the planting areas.

      I've got two prime areas I'm thinking about doing this to. One is the area
      where I wanted to put the raised beds this year. Completely overrun with a
      wide variety of plants, none of them tender vegetables. The other area is
      where the chicken tractor has been moving over. Great crop of white clover
      with most of the other weeds except dandelions completely knocked down.
      Seriously chicken manured. Probably prime area for putting in a traditional
      vegetable garden next spring. Maybe I'll move the chicken tractors to the
      area that was supposed to be raised beds and use the birds to weed/fertilize
      it through the winter and next year, then rotate the areas each year.

      This is getting very interesting. No tilling, no heavy back-breaking labor,
      no added inputs other than chicken feed (which gives us a lot of eggs,
      chickens fresh and in the freezer, and new chicks in the spring to keep the
      cycle going.) Biggest danger is those very dangerous sacks of chicken feed
      (it was one of those )(^*#!%*^% that caused me to tear the back muscles in
      the first place).

      Larry Haftl
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