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3476Re: our brother is backwith us!

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  • Gloria C. Baikauskas
    Sep 7, 2003
      Ah! Larry! Isn't being greeted with such warmth truly heartwarming?
      *g* We are all glad you are back with us.

      On the weeds thing.......Larry......do yourself a favor and see what
      weeds are growing first..before you try to erradicate them with any
      method. It has been something I have worked with this year a bit. I
      have found that weeds may not be the enemy. It is known that the
      weeds will bring up nutrients beyond the intended plants' reach for
      one thing. I had weeds I left around my strawberries and grapes, for
      instance. They were thriving. My dh pulled them one day to be ever
      so helpful. The plants stopped thriving. I allowed new weeds to
      take their place...and the strawberries and grapes began to thrive
      once again.

      I do realize that some weeds are allelopathic....and can cause other
      problems as well. I suspect that we often shoot ourselves in the
      foot when we pull them...or in any way remove them from our gardens.

      Thinking about Nature's gardens.....Nature doesn't pull weeds, but
      allows them to live in tandem with the other plants. I seriously
      doubt Nature considers any plants weeds.

      I don't know the names of all the weeds I left growing. Going to
      work on identifying them soon. I need to find someone to teach me.
      Trying to learn them all from books and online is proving confusing.
      I do think this may be an important element in successfully growing
      Fukuoka's way.....or any other.
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