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    Aug 10, 2003
      First,thank you for the explanation about swales,Gloria san and Jean san.

      Hi!Norie san
      Nara is called the end of the silk road,and the beginning of the Fukuro
      road.The word of Fukuro is consisted by Fukuoka and Lao-tse.

      Now,the rice paddies was controlled by the farmers.Surelly your assuming is
      right that where there was no water there was no frogs or spiders,but I
      the loach who was going to death at the channel. I guess he was going to be
      killed by the chemikal medicine.Usually ,living near by the rice paddies on
      summer we can not sleep well by the frogs singging GUA GUA GEKO GEKO all
      over the night.
      I am going to reserch the relation sleeping -no water-between

      Your thinking that seedball is used in urban is very good idea.The seedball
      is effectve for all mankind and all over the world!

      Nakata Hidekazu
      Yokohama Japan

      Was the rice field a natural field? but I'm assuming
      that maye if this was a naturally farmed field with no watering, there
      probably were no frogs and maybe a net of spiders was keeping the other
      insects from taking over....am I right?

      That got me to think that it might be fun to go around to all the urban
      parks and riversides where the 'homeless' are living and sow all my seeds
      for them. If we enrich the soil in the most unexpected places, maybe
      will start to notice and catch on to the idea that everyone can grow their
      own food! :)

      Norie Fukuda
      Tokyo Japan

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