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3267Re: [fukuoka_farming] O Dialogue!

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  • Robin, Maya, or Napi
    Jul 5, 2003
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      Hi Stephen,

      A recent tally of posts would probably include many PTOQ, a combination of the useful categories you have suggested, & quotes.

      Sorry to read that quotes are clogging mailboxes. Guess we all need to know what is the courteous maximum physical size of fully loaded post.
      One screen's worth? One page down's worth? We would need to consider the length of the (usually exerpted) quote that is carried forward when we
      reply. Some of us have been (inadvertently selfishly) finding the quotes convenient with the limited time we have to check messages & follow links &
      go back & forth to comments on those links. When a quote resonates, it is easy to savor or to save. If not, as you have said, we can frequently use
      the delete button. Members who are on a tight paid minute meter of the time it takes to download or to research & follow links may already be finding
      this message more expensive than it is worth.

      Members must use dozens of ways to approach the mail of this group, as we use dozens of ways to garden within our commonality of admiration for
      natural farming. At the end of any work week, I have generally saved a hundred or more longer Fukuoka messages for a good reading time. Some do
      catch the eye to be read right away as they come in, either because of subject or author. Now & then it is helpful to go the site & backtrack to read
      a whole thread.

      I confess that I enjoy all the authors here. Some for their reliably informative posts, some for their tone, whether kooky, wry or warm to me,
      some for their unpredictable tangents that offer unexpectedly valid perspectives, some for their well-written philosophical depth.

      The memorable poem below is an excellent example. Several original poems have enriched the past months' posts. Guess poetry would often be
      posted with prefix P,T,O,Q, or any combination.

      At school here, we constantly play alphabetizing games. (Can we name a child of our extended family whose name starts with each letter, a flower
      that starts with each letter, a tree? It is the kind of game that is played while you are not even playing, in exercising that manner of cross
      referencing, in child or adult, it just pops out while anything else is going on.) Sounds annoying, I'm sure, but it is part of a good learning

      At any rate, I am willing to limit posts by agreement to marks of P,T, & O, even though we could use 26 English letters to stand for more
      forewarning about the subjects already named in the subject box (A-Acacia, B-Berms, C-Cilantro, ... G-Guilds,...M-Microorganisms, P-Poetry...), or
      combinations (Philosophy of Eating Raw Potatoes or Zoology of Soil-Dwelling Creatures), or create another alphabet (~=Gardens in Spain), or
      disseminate the means to convert keyboard strokes & study Japanese. Of course I am joking (J).

      The point? Someone might have read this far & still rightly ask. We appreciate your suggestion from the courtesy & common sense with which it is
      offered, & hope that you are not too disappointed when some people do not follow suit (to use a phrase that may have meaning only to card players).
      It may take hold more consistently if it is posted as a part of the new members blurb, & somewhere visible on the message section of the website. The
      suggestion of categories, with maybe other names, like Off (Topic) has been offered here before. The question of what is on/off topic is much harder
      to determine than what is practical in the physical garden & what is theoretical in the lifestyle. (NOT to propose F-Farm (commercial scale),
      G-Garden (personal scale), W-Way of living, or a dichotomy of P-Physical/S-Spiritual, so that members can share membership with only those most like
      them.) However, self-management of many writers by code is limited to how closely they all read each other's key to codes.

      Peace, always perceptible somewhere,

      Stephen Inniss wrote:

      > A couple of practical suggestions for the group to consider:
      > 1) When quoting large chunks of text, why not attach them to the files
      > section of the website, and reserve the posts for comments? In the case
      > of references to One Straw Revolution, what about merely referring to
      > the existing text, since it is already there and available? Some people
      > may still be getting clogged mailboxes.
      > 2) What about a common system of labeling? Theory and practice are two
      > sides of the same indivisible coin, but perhaps some of the more
      > practical minded members of the group would like to know ahead of time
      > which of the posts they might like to skip. Members could preface a new
      > topic with a ìPî for practical and a ìTî for theoretical. If these tags
      > were at the beginning of the topic line, then a quick sort on the topics
      > would allow readers to see which are the juiciest bits (depending on
      > whether they are looking for gathering and gardening tips or whether
      > they want to discuss politics, religion, and philosophy). If somebody
      > objects to two-valued systems (on philosophical grounds, of course!), we
      > could add another category or two. My suggestion would be "O", for
      > "other" -- something the writer would like to say, but which has little
      > or no connection to Fukuoka's work.
      > Stephen
      > P.S. I wonder what a tally of our recent posts would look like if the
      > labels I'm suggesting were used?
      > Between the idea and the reality
      > Between the notion and the act
      > Falls the shadow
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