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3265Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Compaction planting

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  • norie
    Jul 5, 2003
      Hi Gloria,


      Here is some other information you might like to know before adopting it for
      various uses on your land as it does sound like quite an evasive creature.
      But sources also mentioned that it needs a lot of sunlight to thrive. I'll
      keep a lookout and see what I can observe about it in my environs. I'm
      assuming it might be helpful to know the condition of the soil where it
      grows and also whether it allows for other varieties of plant growth....

      As for the benefits of it as food, I'll also let you know if I succeed with
      my knotweed pie filling. :-) Other sources I subsequently found advise
      against eating it, but I'll peel and boil it well and hope for a tasty

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