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3218RE: [fukuoka_farming] more Best of the 'West' - Science journal ref's to Fukuoka-San

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  • jamie
    Jul 3, 2003
      Thanks Jason for the many, very useful papers you list. Considering the vast
      amounts of material included (and no doubt the even greater amount that none
      of us have ever seen or heard reference too) is it not possible that the
      West might actually be part of the solution to the situation it has itself

      Further, just as with my invention of the story that vegetarianism etc might
      only be the expression of a culture obsessed with diet, so our need to
      situate in non-occidental peoples (their cultural parctices and/or writings
      if they have them) a solution to the problems created in most part in the
      occident, could be considered a story of the loss of confidence in that
      culture. So what, you might rightly retort! Well the longer story of this
      story could be that in our search elsewhere for answers there is also the
      attempted escape from the fear of these problems - that the search elsewhere
      will miss the solution immanent in the problematic practices themselves:

      "But where there is danger, there also grows the strength, the agency of
      salvation" Holderlin.

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