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3007Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: is Fukuoka a form of Permaculture.

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Jun 16, 2003
      > Does anyone have at hand "The Road back to Nature" by Fukuoka?
      > Please find the section near the back of the book were Fukuoka talks
      > about 'Permaculture' and Bill Mollison and write it up as a quote
      > here so we can all get straight to the point!

      i just reread the paragraph " the 3 don quixotes and he doesn't say much
      about permaculture apart from his drawing at the end depicting bill
      mollisson the blind and wes jackson the death riding backwards don quixote
      donkey while masanobu is hanging on the tail and swinguing back and forth .
      all trying to stop that donkey from running widly over the cliff by
      returning to nature , but their efforts are all in vain.
      he asked the audience : <what would you do ?>
      then he drew President Reagan standing on the donkey neck and dangling a
      carrot in front of its nose .
      < what is this carrot?.>
      one person replied:< Money>....
      are you refering to something else than this paragraph ?.

      What i am deducting is that Masanobu do stop trying to ride the donkey
      especially backward while the carrot is still hanging in front and
      attracting this crazy donkey to its own sabotage. he still try to stop it
      but without conviction and it doesn't seem a confortable way of doing it (
      at least Bill Mollison made its place confortable <raising quite a
      following among organic farmers advocates thoughout Australia and the US).

      I have observed so often this phenomenon in many fields , somebody being in
      touch with a potentially revolutionary approach and washing it down to make
      it honorable and acceptable ......

      permaculture seems to me an attempt to makes scientific agriculture less
      obviouslly against nature but doesn't touch the fundamental : the "need "
      for control.

      IMO that is why Masanobu is into direct contact with the hopeless.
      the bible said something about the meeks .....
      we in australia or americas are way to confortable to renounce totally to
      the thrill of being in control.
      and we have good conscience, we created permaculture as an alibi to continue
      the madness....

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