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30Re: worm cast

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  • John Jensen
    Sep 3 12:49 AM
      --- In fukuoka_farming@y..., roberto <guy10@a...> wrote:
      > Here in Southland, New Zealand, I am including a small amount of
      > powdered vermicast (worm poo) in some of my batches of seed balls.
      > vermicast adds a plasticity to the ball, making it less likely to
      > or fracture when thrown. I believe there are other benefits to
      using the
      > castings also. It has been suggested that they will contain
      > micorrhiza as well. Is this well known to you all anyway?
      > Roberto

      Oh yeah buddy, with tips like that we should be able to get along
      just fine. I hope to be of some help to you as well someday...
      Thanks Johnboy
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