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  • jamie
    May 1, 2003
      Hello Robert, I respect your devotion and your ministry in OKC, I've been
      following your progress since stumbling upon your BetterTimes ezine a couple
      of years ago - I appreciate the regular updates you send to the group.

      I know you're a busy man but perhaps it would be useful to the group to hear
      a more detailed account of your Christian understanding of Fukuoka and NF. I
      find I'm far too often muttering negatively about dualism and the failure of
      the West...etc etc ad infinitum. I'd certainly appreciate the opportunity of
      constructing a positive dialogue to draw out the connections between Fukuoka
      and Christianity which I'm sure exist but that I don't have the necessary
      experience/insight to have drawn for myself.


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      Well, I have hesitated to get into this thread, but this statement isn't
      really true.

      > the phrases you quoted reflect very christian views, i feel....

      Maybe some Christians feel that way, but its not good theology.

      I am a devout Catholic Christian, founder of a Catholic Worker house, I
      see no conflict between my religious faith and natural farming. In fact,
      my own experiments with urban natural gardening are rooted in my
      Christian faith and my praxis of the teachings of my church.

      Natural farming can and should be expressed/explained in a variety of
      religious/theological/philosophical/cultural/racial world views, for the
      human ecology of this planet is nothing if not composed of a rather
      variegated tapestry of such beliefs. And natural farming praxis has to
      take into account the human species because we have such an impact on
      our surroundings.

      Also, my personal intuition is that all species are 'centric towards
      their own species. My dogs, for example, never leave any extra treats
      for the cats, and if I give the cats treats, if a dog comes close he is
      liable to get scratched on the nose. Maybe they learned this
      caninecentric and felinecentric behavior from their long association
      with us, but I don't think so. Whatever else we are or might be in the
      future, we have the ability to rise above an anthrocentric viewpoint to
      take into account all of the myriad parts of Creation.

      Robert Waldrop, OKC

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