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18Rice Seeds

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  • antje@wwwdesignplus.freeserve.co.uk
    Aug 8, 2001

      So glad I found this list. I've been growing my vegetables, herbs and
      fruit for years using Mr. Fukuoka's principles after reading all his
      books that where published in Germany. Then I moved to England and
      had to start all over again, but it wasn't too bad really.

      Recently I've started a "wild meadow/animal grazing" area using his
      principles and it's growing fine. Also, I've started on a
      barley/wheat patch which I covered with the contents of my rabbit
      hutches (used hay, straw, hemp chips, rabbit pellets for fertiliser)
      and all is growing nicely. Haven't tried the clay pellets yet, but
      will do if the birds get too greedy. The sad thing is that there
      aren't many birds left in our part of the UK, so I always put out a
      lot more seeds than I need to grow in the hope to attract a few more
      birds to my allotment.

      Now I wanted to start a rice/clover/barley patch using Mr. Fukuokas
      technique, but hours of research on the internet didn't reveal
      anybody who would sell wild rice seeds or old gluten rice seeds.

      Is there anybody out there who can sell me between 1 and 5 kg of rice
      seeds? Any variety will do, even a selection of different seeds (wild
      and/or commercial) would be most welcome.

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Best regards,

      Antje Cobbett