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15439RE: [fukuoka_farming] Update on Trees n New Video

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  • linda_shewan
    Nov 9, 2013
      Hi Kosta,

      Thanks so much for sharing - finally got to it! What an inspiring man…

      Cheers, Linda

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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Update on Trees n New Video

      We have a new video about Natural Farming with English subtitles.http://vimeo.com/77920255 - its excellent - the producer/director is also a natural farmer, with a deep understanding of the issue.

      I thought I should post an update on this topic.

      I Just visited a place here in Northern Greece near Thessaloniki, where I planted hundreds of almond and apricot seeds, and a couple cactus pads were placed on the ground - the results were very, very good - while I did not count, it seems that more than 90% of the <http://www.permies.com/t/9758/woodland/man-planted-trees> trees survived the long hot summer – it’s amazing to me - almost a miracle.
      I will continue to monitor to see how they do in the years ahead.

      Photo - ApT 1.jpg
      It appears that the apricot tree is dead - no leaves on it.

      Photo - ApT 2.jpg
      A bit of digging reveals a good size root.

      Photo - ApT 3.jpg
      The root is deep and it feels that it is alive - it does not break when pushed – it’s not brittle.

      Photo - Cactus pad 1.jpg
      Two pads were thrown on the ground, late spring - they were not planted - amazingly they not only survived, they developed roots and sprouted - the possibilities are endless with this plant.

      And finally some pictures of trees with leaves on them - the majority.

      Photos T-1 to T-3


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