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15430Rice farming 2013 - some update

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  • Nandan Palaparambil
    Oct 8, 2013
      Hi all,
      Group is very silent now a days...so thought of giving some update.
      I went for tilling in around 10 cents of the field and transplanted the rice seedlings. I did this in June and  myself and another labour did the tilling using spade. I had done weeding once and no standing water was used and mostly depended on the rain. Once in a while when the field went completely dry, watered it. 
      It is doing reasonably well, but it has some yellowish color, so not sure what will happen at the end. Seed is called Kattuyanam a 6 month variety.
      I am keeping around 20 cents for no-till experiment..but there are some troubles like sowing through mulch, no proper cover crop etc..I am experimenting with Alyce clover, Desmodium Scorpiurus and Arachis Pinto cover crops.
      A few more observations..
      For natural farming the field has to be completely left in natural condition, that is without any irrigation in the summer so that 90% of the grass will be completely dried by summer so that rice crops will have a good head start. Sowing has to be done with the first rain and if this window is lost, no point in trying for that season...
      Photos and some more update on other experiments can be seen here.