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15422FW: BRAI letter drafts

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  • CM Reddy
    Aug 14, 2013
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      Sirs/ Madam,

      Government of India has sought public opinion on Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India that they are planning to introduce in the Parliment. It is determinental to Indian agriculture in particular and Helath of the society in general.
      Some people have taken interest and developed letters / templates from 8 different perspectives ( farmers, welfare assoications, NGOs...).

      Request you all to pick up the letter that is best suitable and if required add your own points. Though you can send it electronically, it is better to send it through post by 23rd of August.



      CM Reddy

      Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 10:40:20 +0530
      Subject: Fwd: BRAI letter drafts
      From: manjubaduku@...
      To: holalu@...

      Respected all

      i am forwarding attachment herewith for sending letter/fax/mail to parliamentary standing committee to withdraw controversial anti-constitutional BRAI bill. Please take printout among 10 different sectors in your letterhead. It needs to be send to following address

      Dr T Subbarami Reddy, Chairman, Parliamentary standing committee on Science adn technology, Environment and Forests, c/o Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Room No 005, Ground Floor, Parliament House Annexxe, New Delhi 110001. it can also be send on mail to rsc-st@..., tel 011- 23034597, fax 011- 23015585

      Kindly request forward to your friends/relatives/institutions

      with warm regards

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