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15381Handling mulch

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  • Nandan
    Jul 1, 2013
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      Recently I am finding that some times, the mulch at the surface becomes too thick and planting through it is difficult. If the mulch is too thick, seeds does not push through it and number of plants per unit area becomes small and it becomes a problem in uniformly establishing the crop.

      Today I was cutting one area of the farm where I had grown cowpea in the summer and now cowpea and grass are growing, after the rains. I wanted to grow sunhemp and take up some grain crops in the next season, so I cut that area using scythe. My scythe cutting is not perfect so it takes more time. After cutting I found that mulch is too much and there is no way, sunhemp seeds will come through it. So finally I moved most of the mulch to one side and then put sunhemp seeds, still there was enough mulch to cover the seeds.

      I am wondering, how Fukuoka san could return all the straw back to the field without affecting the germination of wheat/barley?

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