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  • Harish Amur
    May 27, 2013
      We have a few mango trees in the farm and we have tried to maintain them

      Typically the soil below the mango tree is ploughed(tilled). The dry litter
      is sometime burnt too. Leaves of the mango tree dry due to this heat and
      the tree goes a little dry for a season. Chemical and farm yard fertilizers
      are provided. Drip irrigation also is practiced. When the tree flowers,
      several pesticides/fungicides etc. are sprayed. On plucking the fruits, the
      ripening is hastened by throwing calcium carbide tablets in the fruit heap.

      We did none of the above. However we did spray 'jeevamruta' sparingly on
      the flowers. Fruits were plucked and ripened by placing them in paddy straw
      for a few days.

      I have a tree at home, which is also growing naturally. In addition to not
      doing anything, I dumped a lot of leaf litter and coconut fibre underneath
      the tree. The mulch grew upto a foot and half. Red ants have formed a
      nest(kind of thing) in the tree. Result: The mangoes grew to a size unseen
      thus far. The size grew to almost 2 times the usual size. We had insects in
      less than 5% of the fruits. We have no sightings of a white fibre deformity
      inside the fruit (when cut). Of course a small percentage of the fruits did
      rot. This tree was pruned due to an unavoidable reason. The pruned side has
      been growing vigorously and the half tree yielded close to 150 fruits.
      These are ratnagiri alfonso variety.

      Here are some pictures.


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