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15276RE: [fukuoka_farming] Pitcher irrigation and earthworms

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  • Linda
    Apr 24, 2013
      Great experimentation Yug! It is incredible where worms seem to turn up -
      how do they get there?

      In hot places burying terracotta pots up to their rim and filling with water
      is a really effective way of watering and keeping the soil cooler. Put a lid
      on the pot or cover as you describe to reduce evaporation and all the water
      slowly seeps into the soil.


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      Dear all,
      Finally lots of small earthworms have appeared few months ago in
      undisturbed and rotting kitchen garbage on our terrace and also our balcony
      plant pots. I do not know from where they have appeared.

      So, my wife mixed some kitchen waste in the soil in a pot and introduced
      those baby earthworms. They started working. However, I noticed that the
      soil was drying quickly due to extreme temperatures. I thought that I need
      to cover the pot. Immediately I put a wet cloth over the pot. It provides
      darkness for the nocturnal worms and also prevents quick evaporation. The
      results were good. When I opened the cloth in the mornings I could see the
      worms at work. We threw some vegetable scraps and they were feeding the
      worms. Then I had another idea. I thought of trying pitcher irrigation!!! I
      found a small pot which can hardly hold 200 ml of water, buried it right in
      the middle of the pot and filled with water. Wonderful, the worms were
      dancing around the pot. They loved it. Cool and wet. After some days, they
      would not appear frequently. The soil was transforming like anything!!
      small granular structures all over. Meanwhile, I was reading about
      earthworms/vermicompost and realized that the varieties which come to
      surface at night and feed need food on the surface, not inside. They
      actually take the food inside Aah!! got it. I added few more scraps of
      vegetables. What happened...again i can see my friends in the mornings
      eating merrily.

      I understood that pitcher irrigation works great. It cools the surrounding
      area and earthworms are attracted towards it.
      They need food on the surface to come and eat just like the natural leaf
      mulch in forest.
      Soil is changed so much by the action of the earthworms.

      Those were some of my humble observations.


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