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15043Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Reforestation 2012-3

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  • Jason Dunsmore
    Feb 12, 2013
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      On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 1:06 PM, KONSTANTINOS <karoubas@...> wrote:
      > This spring I plan on putting cactus pears and pads in the ground around the areas I reforested, and around the perimeter of my farm, for both food and as a fence - early indications are that cactus (Opuntia) is a good plant for both reforestation and food production - the pads are edible. As I understand it all you have to do is stick the pad in the ground and walk away - you are done - food production for humans and animals, fire barrier (does not burn) and fence - all to be had in a few minutes, and no cultivation afterwards. Sound good to me - worth a try.
      > Does anyone has any experience in using cactus pads in this way - in mass planting?

      Actually, you only have to throw the cactus pad on the ground and it
      will take root. No need to dig. I've done this all around my
      property with nopal cactus and it works well.

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