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1490Re: Onion Barrier Against Insect Pests; Close-crop Intensive Planting

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  • tiakd14477
    Dec 4, 2002
      >>I did discover, though, that if I carefully selected vegetables
      from Ken Whealy's massive "Gardenseed Inventory," I could grow
      certain varieties very closely together. Whealy sometimes helpfully
      notes which varieties have proved to be succesful under crowded
      conditions. >>

      Ken Whealy is the founder of Seed savers right? I did go to the
      website, but didn't find notes on some varieties. But I didn't go
      through the huge listing, so maybe they are there somewhere.

      > The bottom line is that without a mulch cover (green, natural or
      otherwise) and a selection of plant varieites known to tolerate
      crowding, you probalby won't get very far with the biointensive
      method. >>

      Thanks. He doesn't mention this in his book. We do have 2 large
      gardens and access to 50 acres of old grain fields, so have lots of
      room and don't have to plant intensively. Just interested and was
      trying to save watering in our droughty climate.
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