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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Nov 3, 2012
      Guess so he is though he doesn't know it.
      Depends on what kind of manipulation is going on. Could be unconsious or
      could be intentional.
      Do you have to be conscious of how you manipulate the molecules or atoms in
      flour and yeast for you to make good bread? At the end of the day it's
      still the flour and yeast that do the work, you can meddle with that but
      you can't create a single living thing by shuffling atoms around.
      Just teasing you Yaj, I get what you mean by nanotechnology. It involves
      nano particles, right?
      It's just that it is frightening to be manipulating such minuscule things
      and guessing that their nano dimensions could enable them to penetrate
      naked skin. Just apply your nano-atomized whatever on your skin and it goes
      directly to the blood stream, is that plausible? Sorry I am no expert. I'd
      rather not touch things. Atomic reactors used to seem so safe and harmless.


      2012/11/3 yajnesh shetty <yajnesh@...>

      > **
      > Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating matter on a molecular or
      > atomic scale.If using microbes is nanotechnology the every baker and wine
      > maker is a "nanotechnologist"
      > Regards,
      > Yaj.
      > ________________________________
      > From: Russel Lopez <russel.lopez@...>
      > To: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, November 3, 2012 9:12 PM
      > Subject: RE: [fukuoka_farming] organic link
      > Yes, he is using nano technology, specifically MICROBES as in IMOs,
      > Indigenous Micro Organisms, and the Soil Food Web.
      > If your farm or garden does not have sufficient microbes, then you are not
      > operating a maximum efficiency. This should not really be that much of a
      > concern for those of us who practice NF since we don't use the products or
      > cultural practices that kill microbes in the first place, so there is no
      > urgent need to put them back.
      > If you are in the process of transitioning from Agro Chemical, using
      > chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to NF, then this would help
      > you put back the organisms that you killed previously.
      > While I do not recall Fukuoka referencing IMOs in his writings, I
      > understand
      > that their use in NF is acceptable. IMOs are collected or harvested using a
      > rice box.
      > Russel
      > From: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      > [mailto:fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Sumant Joshi
      > Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2012 10:26 AM
      > To: fukuoka farming
      > Subject: [fukuoka_farming] organic link
      > Someone sent me this link but I can't make head or tail of what this guy is
      > saying. It seems that he is using nano technology
      > for improving farm yields
      > http://www.nanosolutions.in/
      > Sent from my BSNL landline B-fone
      > Warm regards,
      > Sumant Joshi
      > Tel - 09370010424, 0253-2361161
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