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1460project report

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  • Larry Haftl
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Hello all,

      A few weeks ago I started to write up a report on "My Great Seedball
      Experiment". One thing led to another, things got out of hand, and
      the result is that I have two versions.

      The very short version is that in early spring of 2002 I made and
      spread a LOT of seedballs in my yard. Almost a year later I'm still
      waiting and watching for the first plant to come up.

      The very long version turned into a major revision of my personal/professional
      website -- more than 50 new pages, about 40,000 words of text, couple
      dozen illustrations including seven tables from "The Natural Way
      of Farming", a lot of analysis of Fukuoka's method and principles
      trying to figure out how to apply them to my (or anyone else's) patch
      of land. The pages are now posted at:


      In a way, those pages grew from those seedballs. Perhaps in the long
      run they'll turn out to be the best kind of harvest.

      You are all invited to come for a visit. Comments, suggestions, and
      questions would be appreciated.

      Larry Haftl