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14400Fw: Re: [fukuoka_farming] "ungrateful control freak".

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  • Jason Stewart
    Oct 2, 2012
      As requested and sympathised with, according to rigorous respect of all subjectivities.Good riddance to bigotry.

      --- On Tue, 2/10/12, hugh curran <curranhugh@...> wrote:

      From: hugh curran <curranhugh@...>
      Subject: Re: [fukuoka_farming] "ungrateful control freak".
      To: "Jason Stewart" <macropneuma@...>
      Date: Tuesday, 2 October, 2012, 1:57 AM

      Jason, please send on to group, since for some reason, my e-mails
      are not going through.

      On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 4:06 AM, Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...> wrote:
      > Furthermore,
      > do you want me to send that to the group, because you cannot get it through to the group?
      > Thx.
      > On 01/10/2012, at 2:10 PM, hugh curran wrote:
      >> In response to Jason's observations, I would agree that the person
      >> being referred to is not Japanese & most likely an Anglophone type,
      >> although I thought there was only one who person who was responding in
      >> this negative way. Having been part of several spiritual communities
      >> for some years I can hazard a guess as to where he's "coming from".
      >> When one is in a community for a few years there often is an awakening
      >> of energies & repressed egoism which is then confused with genuine
      >> spiritual awakening. Such a person becomes hyper-sensitive to
      >> criticism & believes that they have an understanding that transcends
      >> others. They also become highly critical toward any authority figures
      >> & want to elevate themselves by reducing others (ie those held up as
      >> teachers or leaders) to their own level. One can hope that, in this
      >> instance, it is a passing phase although it's not unusual to see such
      >> hyper-critical attitudes being prolonged for some time.
      >> fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com writes:
      >> Many unpleasant experiences with them since Feb. 2011 (in WP),
      >> indicates to me they are very much Anglophone from their set of
      >> peculiar values, cannot possible be Japanese nor have any Japanese
      >> thinking/philosophy/upbringing and with regards to their English
      >> language comprehension *suffer* from some dyslexia... . I feel sorry
      >> for them for that, but never identify with any person who attacks me,
      >> let alone with a pattern of attacks since 2011 Feb.. Their problems
      >> are their problems and their responsibilities alone, and i will never
      >> take responsibility nor blame for them. My 'mountains' of written
      >> evidence, not LL's speculation at all, buttress my experiences.
      >> For a while i thought they may be one of those very poorly paid
      >> (treated like underclass job slaves) overseas workers within Japan,
      >> from Bangladesh, India, China, or Phillipines. I met numerous very
      >> hard working people when i was in Japan in year 2000 with my Japanese
      >> ex-fiancé and family. They were poor paid cleaners and service staff –
      >> in the USA tv media the stereotype of the poorly paid US tv janitor is
      >> evoked here to evoke the same meaning in you.
      >> That idea i scotched completely many months ago, for certain evidences.

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