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  • Steve Grannis
    Sep 28 5:15 PM
      seaweed is a miracle.  If you suspect contamination from industrial sources you should avoid the algae. your plants should tell you about the soil.

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      > As to what to add as fertilizers the sources are as many as there are farms. The main sources should be as close as possible. Gathering of local vegetation of any kind for mulching is the most available fertilizer� (includes agricultural waste, cover crops, forest byproducts and seaweed.).� Food waste comes next, then human waste, then animal waste.

      Mineral rich seaweed was the big 'miracle ingredient' at Findhorn. Quite a lot of stringy algae comes out of the irrigation ditches, I am wondering if that is OK to use? I have no idea how many chemicals are washed down them.

      I think I'd put vegetarian waste over carnivorous waste regardless of which animal, human or not, it came out of. It sounds like some free ranging ducks might be able to produce enough on their own without needing any attention.

      It's got to help knowing a little bit about one's soils. I guess on the basis of Fukuoka's scientific basis, he'd know a good bit about his own.

      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Jason Wicker <jaywicker@...> wrote:

      > Wow IYO...you are really hung up on chicken shit..no offense just sayin:)

      Oooh, Jason said a dirty word ...

      I am "hung up" on accuracy and realism rather than hype in all aspects. I'm not surprised that is too subtle for you to get but I am happy to spell it out for you.

      Why do you feel the need to try and belittle me?

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