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13823The Call of Life -Re: The Greatest Challenge of Our Species. Thomas Lovejoy Re:…[The ] rights of Mother Earth… --Vandana Shiva 's writing of great, helpful, appropriate words.

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  • Jason Stewart
    Sep 2, 2012
      To watch!
      The Call of Life -- Film

      i haven't watched it yet, has anyone please?

      Jason Stewart
      Cairns FNQ, Oz, at the moment.

      On 02/09/2012, at 4:03 PM, Jason Stewart wrote:

      > The greatest violation by far of planetary boundaries is in biological diversity. This is because, by definition, all environmental problems affect living systems; biological diversity integrates them all. Running down our biological capital is pure folly.
      > The planet works as a biophysical system that moderates climate (global, continental and regional) and creates soil and its fertility. Ecosystems provide a variety of services, not the least of which is provision of clean and reliable water. Biological diversity is the essential living library for sustainability. Each species represents a unique set of solutions to a set of biological problems, any one of which can be of critical importance to the advance of medicine, to productive agriculture, to the biology that provides current support for humanity, and, most importantly, will provide solutions to the environmental challenge.
      > Looking ahead, we not only have to deal with these planetary scale problems but also find ways to feed and produce a decent quality of life for at least two more billion than the seven billion people already here. We need to do this without destroying more ecosystems and losing more biological diversity.

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