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13724Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: "nothing at all"--ultimately useless email, nothing important at all, please read, help if you can, and delete.

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  • Nandan Palaparambil
    Jul 31, 2012
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      Like a moderator in the list, probably there should be some one selected to put these information on WiKi and during his time, his version can be put in the web. But if there are any mistakes in the editing, that can be pointed by others and can be corrected. Voting would have been another option, but not easy to implement.

      I had enjoyed communicating with some off the earlier active members like Dieter Brand, and I had received lot of guidance from them at the initial stages. There were lot of such interesting people who had come and gone. There will be differences in view points that should be accommodated, but personal attacks on individuals should not happen.

      Jason, iyo.farm - My salute to both of you for taking so much effort and time to spread Fukuoka san's message to the world. 


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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Re: "nothing at all"--ultimately useless email, nothing important at all, please read, help if you can, and delete.


      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...> wrote:

      > I recognise (actually an embodied experience of all senses and consciousness)
      > a really genuinely evil person, a real devil as sneaky and devious as they are ...
      > a consciously, deliberately sadistic person

      Hi Folks,

      I am that "really genuinely evil person, a real devil".

      I thought I should take this opportunity to put Jason's comments into context and defend my position. I think Fukuoka's legacy on the Wikipedia is best served by a modest, factual and balanced topic not a rambling, exaggerated 'hagiography'. I know nothing of the past politics nor individuals Jason mentions.

      From my point of view, other editors and I have rescued the topic from being Jason's own personal obsession as he has a tendency to be too verbose and edit in an idiosyncratic manner. I have also encouraged him to invest himself in creating some other kind of online resource on Fukuoka instead, e.g. a Wikia.com wiki, where he can go into as much detail as he wants.

      The problems with Jason's editing include that he want to try and include 'all and everything' about Fukuoka. He has a difficult time accepting anything remotely critical, however well grounded, and his use of language is just a little too exaggerated.

      Judge for yourself. Here is the article as it was when Jason had control over it;


      Here it is now;


      I'd like to encourage Jason to share any references he has on the talk page but not to do too much to the topic. A Wikipedia topic cannot be a "shrine" to a guru. They have to be neutral and balanced. Nor is the Wikipedia meant to an archival repository of all material relating to a subject.

      If anyone cares to help, please do but remember that sometimes "less is more".

      Thank you.

      Now, does that really sound so "evil" and "sadistic"?

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