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13720Re: [fukuoka_farming] Rice farming - some updates

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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Jul 30, 2012
      Looks quite good, actually.
      Keep going.
      I'm jealous...

      2012/7/30 Nandan <p_k_nandanan@...>

      > **
      > Hi All,
      > This is an update from my rice farming for this season..
      > After a number of failures, I tilled the land in an effort to control the
      > weeds in the initial stages. My thinking was that rice will establish first
      > and hence there won't be much an issue with weeds.After tilling I put 2
      > seeds using sickle, but later stages increased to 5 seeds. The places where
      > I had put 2 seeds, some didn't germinate and hence there is a big gap
      > between plants and hence crowding out weeds didn't happen effectively and
      > weeds spread. Also since time management was not proper, weeding got
      > delayed and weeds grew much stronger and some places completely overtook
      > rice plants.
      > Here are some photos...
      > http://farming-experiments.blogspot.in/2012/06/paddy-farming-june-2012.html
      > Some thoughts..
      > 1. Tilling alone won't control the weeds,so mulching, and cover crop is a
      > must. If I had put horse gram or some such cover crop, weed control would
      > have been better
      > 2. Weeding if needed, should be done at early stages, later stages
      > controlling weeds is difficult
      > 3. At one place in the field, subabul saplings are growing, and these
      > plants grow very thick so no other weeds are seen. One or two photos shows
      > this, but using subabul as a cover crop is not easy for rice??
      > Regards,
      > Nandan

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