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13719Rice farming - some updates

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  • Nandan
    Jul 30, 2012
      Hi All,

      This is an update from my rice farming for this season..

      After a number of failures, I tilled the land in an effort to control the weeds in the initial stages. My thinking was that rice will establish first and hence there won't be much an issue with weeds.After tilling I put 2 seeds using sickle, but later stages increased to 5 seeds. The places where I had put 2 seeds, some didn't germinate and hence there is a big gap between plants and hence crowding out weeds didn't happen effectively and weeds spread. Also since time management was not proper, weeding got delayed and weeds grew much stronger and some places completely overtook rice plants.

      Here are some photos...


      Some thoughts..

      1. Tilling alone won't control the weeds,so mulching, and cover crop is a must. If I had put horse gram or some such cover crop, weed control would have been better

      2. Weeding if needed, should be done at early stages, later stages controlling weeds is difficult

      3. At one place in the field, subabul saplings are growing, and these plants grow very thick so no other weeds are seen. One or two photos shows this, but using subabul as a cover crop is not easy for rice??

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