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13640Re: [fukuoka_farming] seed storage

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  • Nandan Palaparambil
    Jul 6 9:25 AM
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      I also couldn't succeed with paddy in no-till method. In my case, soil fertility has to improve a lot for this and growing many cycles of legumes also may be required. So blaming Fukuoka san's method doesn't help, he has shown it working for many years seasons after seasons.

      We may have to religiously follow some of the points he mention..no-till, mulch, sow the seeds when one crop is in the harvest stage so that seeds get a head start before the weeds, mix legume with grains etc..One more important thing is the type of seed which we use, it should be locally adapted seed which grow tall and can compete with grass well.

      This season I tilled the land and trying out 3 varieties of traditional seeds and one high yielding variety. I have collected one more traditional variety which can grow upto 5-6 feet tall with a duration of 6 months...

      Hopefully in the next season I will try no-till farming with millets - pearl millet, sorghum etc..



      From: Boovarahan Srinivasan <offtown@...>
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      Subject: Re: [fukuoka_farming] seed storage

      Yes ! It is Fukuoka san who made rice farming "seem" simple but in practice
      it is not so.
      The climatic / rain conditions of Japan are completely different than that
      of tropical India. He paid full time attention all through the year . The
      crop rotation was continuous barring a few days of flooding.

      Yet his methods are to succeed necessarily as they are universal . Only
      thing is we have to make some minor adjustments depending upon the local
      conditions which eludes me so far. There are so many ideas in my head to do
      this or that but I could not enforce them so far as I could not visit my
      farm often.

      Hope one day I could devout my full time attention to farming and become
      successful natural farmer.

      On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 1:58 PM, Ruthie Aquino <ruthieaquino1@...>wrote:

      > Hello Venkat,
      > Why do you think you failed with no-till for rice?
      > I would be grateful if you could share more details.
      > What do you mean by "fail" -- is it not having anything or having very
      > little?
      > How many times did you try?
      > One day I would like to try rice farming and do not wish to be disappointed
      > like you have been.
      > Fukuoka cultivated rice and he did not fail.
      > best
      > RUTHIE

      > Boovarahan S

      09962662717 (Vodafone) , 08825889492 (Videocon)

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