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13610Eugenia Uniflora: a great fruit tree for Fukuoka farming!

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  • Marcos G.
    Jul 1, 2012
      "In Florida, the Surinam cherry is one of the most common hedge plants throughout the central and
      southern parts of the state and the Florida Keys. The fruits are today mostly eaten by children. In
      the past, many people allowed the tree to grow naturally and harvested the fruits for culinary use.
      For a while, small quantities were sold in Miami markets. In temperate zones, the plant is grown in
      pots for its attractive foliage and bright fruits."



      "Weed warning: This tasty and very hardy pumpkin shaped berry is popular as a kids treat. While in a
      urban situation it holds little risk however the fruit is very appealing to birds and when planted in
      regional areas it has been observed to seed into native vegetation remnants, where it can continue to
      self seed and inhibit the growth of native flora. It has the potential to grow in open sun and shaded
      areas. If in close proximity to subtropical rainforest remnants the tree should be netted during
      fruiting to avoid introduction into the native vegetation. "



      Marcos Guglielmetti

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