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  • emilia
    Nov 7, 2002
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      the special particularity of natural ag. is the maintaining the dynamic of a wild soil in spite of practicing an agriculture system...agriculture is a manipulation, meaning an action is done by human hands: which implies we are imposing something to whatever could have been there "naturally"...but out of all the "manipulations" that humans can do, if the one done is stablishing an agriculture with a dynamic that corresponds to what the soil would have going there if let to itself (instead of agriculturally occupied): is a less harmful thing that whatever other agriculture disturbing the soil would be happening there...
      so my opinion on what links, etc. to put on the fukuoka site should be consistent with this particularity of no-till...if we integrate whatever other "systems" that are already recommending remedies to the disbalances started by touching the soil...it seems to me that we are missing the point, the purpose of the site: the vegetable ( including of annuals) production with soil's self-fertility should be emphasized as what it is: a unique proposition!
      if we drown this info on all the others: ecological, biodynamic,biointensif, etc (but with tilling ways) we wont communicate the important fukuoka-san message...

      david holmgren's vegetable garden is done biodynamically ...& years ago when we met, he didn't show much interest in changing ways...permaculture proposes perennial plants for permanent places but neither him nor bill mollison have endorsed no-till for (annual) vegetable growing...we have this endeavour to carry on: so lets do it without drowing this unique info on all the other stuff...
      i think that in the titles of the sections/sub-sections: the no-tilling, self-fertile dynamic of this agriculture should be emphasized or at least mentionned...

      my comments on larry's posting:

      What if I change the name "Images" to "Projects" and the description
      (and purpose) to be: "A collection of reports and photographs of
      gardens, farms and projects that use the Fukuoka Farming method".
      i would add the word "principles" to Fukuoka farming method" so as to allowd synergistic ag. to be part of the evolution in this research
      Regarding a place for posting information for teachers as Napi has
      requested, we currently have a subsection called "Opportunities"
      with the description: "This section contains a calendar of events,
      apprenticeship and employment opportunities, classes and seminars,
      as well as other special offers and opportunities."

      just as long as the projects relate to activities of gardening without tilling...if they are "only" ecological it seems to me we are again missing the point of our specificity...

      As to a place for book reviews, I still think they should go in the
      "Articles" subsection, but I can change the description to include
      "book reviews". Would this be OK or do they need to be somehow set
      off differently?

      yes: please make it clear that they are books

      That leaves the question of how comprehensive or focused the links
      section should be. On the one hand there is the risk of distracting
      from the focus on Fukuoka's teachings and methods. On the other hand
      it would give people easier access to other somewhat kindred websites.

      Let me clairfy something here. In my mind (and on my lists of links)
      there are three different categories of links.

      The first is sites that have specific Fukuoka-related content --
      the Greenbelt project in Europe, news articles and interviews about
      and with Fukuoka, where to get his books, other documents that talk
      about him and his methods, etc.

      The second category is sites that have information that might be
      directly useful in implementing a project using Fukuoka's methods
      -- plant encyclopedias, research documents on cover crops, trees
      or whatever, sources for organic seeds, etc.

      I don't think anyone would argue against including those two categories
      of links, but if I'm wrong please let me know.

      this 2 categories are up to the point

      The third category is sites related to other methods of sustainable
      agriculture -- Permaculture, biointensive, biodynamic... pick your
      favorite flavor -- and philosophically friendly sites -- holistic
      lifestyles, tree-hugging, etc. This, for me, is where things become

      what about just mentioning one permaculture site (like the british one) that would give the many other links?

      My concern with including the category three links, given the conditions
      I just outlined, is that they will be providing nothing more than
      a distraction and escape from having to think about and confront
      what Fukuoka is all about -- natural farming. i agree


      Larry Haftl

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