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  • Jason Stewart
    May 4, 2012
      Dear friend Nandan,

      This is available in various of late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's sources of ways of nature farming,
      books, as per one further below,
      one or more of his seed balling videos (1 in Greece, 1 in Japan available on YouTube)
      and his recognised apprentices' publications quote his best sources sometimes,
      as per Panos Manikis (Greece) 's excellent, beautifully presented, and readily, freely accessible:

      Clay pellets to grow agro food products and revegetate deserts, mountains and wastelands
      By Panos Manikis
      -> http://www.ideassonline.org/public/pdf/Natural_Farming_Fukuoka_Panos_Manikis_ideassonline.pdf
      (1MB document download)
      Innovation for Development and South-South Cooperation

      It's a pity that Panos Manikis website in Greece is down these days, at least for me to see.

      Brief quotation of original book,
      acceptable in respecting late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's copyright:
      B. Aerial Seeding Using Clay Pellets

      Making multi-layered clay seed pellets with bittern for use in desert revegetation

      The clay seed pellet was conceived and development for direct seeding of rice, barley, and vegetables, in conjunction with the no-till method, but it has since come into wide use. Particularly in cases where it has been put to use in savannas in foreign countries, the defects became apparent, improvements were made, and it has developed into an especially suitable method for aerial seeding for the purpose of revegetating large areas of desert at one time.
      (1) Seeds of over 100 varieties (trees, fruit trees, vegetables, grains, useful fungi). Ten percent of combined weight.
      (2) Fine powdered clay such as that used for fired bricks or porcelain. In general this should make up five times the weight of the seeds, but the amount of seeds should be taken into consideration. Fifty percent of the combined weight.
      (3) ...

      "The Ultimatium* of God Nature - The One-Straw Revolution - A Recapitulation"
      (English translation)
      An extremely limited edition, less than 100 copies, no ISBN.
      -- his own commissioned translation to English, done in Japan, (not translated by Chris Pearce nor Larry Korn).
      i would love to know them, but i still haven't found out the name of the Japanese person (as i understand it) who's the 'connoisseur' translator of the words meanings into English of this, albeit unpublished, only printed, and not at all beautifully presented, formatted soft cover book.
      Printed by him, hence the publisher name is, quoting: "S h o u S h i n S ha (小心舎)".
      *[sic:] Ultimatium presumably should be spelled Ultimatum, unless it is a newly coined word perhaps meaning something like a combination of Ultimatum+Revolution.

      So, his original Japanese book, it's a translation of, is:

      -> http://www.amazon.co.jp/%e7%a5%9e%e3%81%a8%e8%87%aa%e7%84%b6%e3%81%a8%e4%ba%ba%e3%81%ae%e9%9d%a9%e5%91%bd%e2%80%95%e3%82%8f%e3%82%89%e4%b8%80%e6%9c%ac%e3%81%ae%e9%9d%a9%e5%91%bd-%e7%b7%8f%e6%8b%ac%e7%b7%a8-%e7%a6%8f%e5%b2%a1-%e6%ad%a3%e4%bf%a1/dp/4938743019

      1992 (Japanese)
      (wara ippon no kakumei・sōkatsuhen「kami to shizen to hito no kakumei」)
      Title, a literal translation by me: [Straw: One--Strand's Revolution・Recapitulation 'Universal God/Spirit and Spontaneity/Nature and Humanity Revolution']
      Self-published in 1992 Dec. by 自然樹園 (小心舎) (Shizen Juen (Shou Shin Sha); one of Fukuoka Masanobu's own self--publishing publisher--names)
      230p 26×27cm,
      out of print, available secondhand from Japan.
      ISBN 978-4-938743-01-7.

      Having been drawn into writing of the subject of karma today,
      Jamie Nicol breaches late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's copyright by having scanned all of:
      "The Ultimatium of God Nature - The One-Straw Revolution - A Recapitulation"
      ---he told me he did without permission---and online quoting large slabs this special book, here:
      -> http://seedzen.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/seedballing-deserts/
      Worry for Jamie---i do say.

      As we all are, most of all me, Jamie is far from perfect,
      in his blog writings in this post he is mistaken that it was late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's last book.

      In fact it was late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei's own personally commissioned English translation done in Japan before 1996 of his 1992 Japanese book---Michiyo Shibuya, provider of it to us, told us this background of the book, here in this group many years ago.

      In fact his last book is a Japanese April 2010 Shunjusha published book of his Japanese 2001 self-published book, which is a completely new book from this 1992 Japanese book.
      From his first book in 1947, through his many new books around the 1970s, he has always, cross referenced and extensively re-used sections of his earlier books, papers and newspaper writings. There's only so much to say on the subject, so said well once, is better re-used than trying to say it again. Sometimes people have mistaken this for merely revisions editions of earlier editions, but his are not works of gimmicky, novelty, piecemeal science and not works of fiction. His works are his wholistic points of view and messages of the evidences, scholarly presented in the original Japanese editions, and so naturally for wholistic points must repeat the same messages in new books as in completely different older books, as well as in those true revised and updated editions of his books his did many of with Shunjusha publishers through until 2005. eg. The One--Straw Revolution original Japanese was last published in its second updated and revised edition in 2004, not in 1975. Meanwhile the 2009 English translation carries none of the updated and revised Japanese editions new information except the 1986 update's one page afterword.

      And in fact,
      his last truly entirely new creation (publication) is:
      Iroha Revolutionary Verses
      (songs, information booklet, photographs, 'calligraphy' drawings)

      Jason Stewart
      --currently in Cairns, Bama country, The Wet Tropics of far north Queensland.
      --Openly accepting of (my) membership of, my part within, nature.

      On 05/05/2012, at 2:34 PM, Nandan Palaparambil wrote:

      > Hi Jason,
      > >Late Fukuoka Masanobu sensei was emphatically clear that it is necessary to sow approximately 100 or >so of the widest possible diversity of kinds of seed plant species appropriate for local conditions.
      > Can you please give which book refers the above sentence? This looks to be quite meaningful, but would like to read about this/
      > Regards,
      > Nandan

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