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13451Re: [fukuoka_farming] Almond Tree and Apricot Tree nuts

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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Apr 30, 2012
      Hello Kostas,
      In my experience, wild peach also grows without any kind of care. Just
      throw the stone after eating.
      Since I am still bound by my old fears engendered by scientific farming, my
      first experiment was to put the stones in a pot with earth. They grew, of
      course. So I tried the same thing with red peach last summer, that grew of
      Now those tiny trees are planted in the ground. I use the young leaves to
      flavor a delicious liquor. I noticed however that this year which is very
      rainy the leaves curl and blister. I think peach doesn't like rain.
      The friend who gave me the red peaches got them from a tree...that grew
      from a stone she left on the ground. Now hers is a tall tree but rather
      thin because it is not watered or fertilized, but we don't care, do we? We
      just want some nice fruit.
      Happy n-farming.

      2012/4/30 KONSTANTINOS <karoubas@...>

      > **
      > I have in the past discussed the strength/virtues of the Almond tree
      > in reforestation efforts - how without watering or any care an almond nut
      > buried in the ground will produce a tree even in arid - desert like
      > conditions. To me this amazing - a person can devote an hour of his/her
      > life and create a mini forest using almond nuts. Care of course must be
      > taken to collect nuts from healthy and disease free trees - not to old or
      > young - etc etc.
      > To the almond tree, I think we can add the apricot tree - it has the same
      > abilities - I have been placing apricot nuts in different places and
      > without care they do well and grow small trees.
      > I hope other volunteers will try this in arid/barren places and report
      > back on the results. Also if you have any experience with other trees that
      > have the same characteristics please let us know.
      > Kostas

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