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13450Almond Tree and Apricot Tree nuts

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    Apr 29, 2012
      I have in the past discussed the strength/virtues of the Almond tree
      in reforestation efforts - how without watering or any care an almond nut buried in the ground will produce a tree even in arid - desert like
      conditions. To me this amazing - a person can devote an hour of his/her life and create a mini forest using almond nuts. Care of course must be taken to collect nuts from healthy and disease free trees - not to old or young - etc etc.

      To the almond tree, I think we can add the apricot tree - it has the same abilities - I have been placing apricot nuts in different places and without care they do well and grow small trees.

      I hope other volunteers will try this in arid/barren places and report back on the results. Also if you have any experience with other trees that have the same characteristics please let us know.

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