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1341Re: [fukuoka_farming] Achieving sustainability in the use of green manures

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  • Justin .
    Nov 6, 2002
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      Larry, I was taking a look at the website. I checked the Links pages, and
      was rather surprised. I was expecting to find many links - so many have been
      posted on this group, so many wonderful links to wonderful things. But on
      the website I found only a shor list of things, only directly relating to
      Fukuoka. The were links for seedballs, links for seeds, and links for
      Fukuoka's books. That is all great, but don't you think that it could be a
      little broader? Personally, when I find a really good website, I am glad.
      Let's say I find a site which is really on my wavelength. Then I will
      apreciate links that are directly connected, but also links which that
      person (/persons) is also interested in. The chances are that I will also be
      interested in at least some of them. Like on Amazon, you find a book, and
      you click on "those who bought this also bought..." or those who bought this
      recommend.." I know some people feel that Fukuoka should not be mixed wth
      other things. Well, I disagree. At least in a way. I mean, even he mixes. He
      gets a lot from Buddhism, and also a lot from Daoism, for example. That is
      great. How about some Permaculture links. And links to Agroforestry. Perhaps
      to the various projects in Thailand, Sri Lanka and so on. How about to CAT
      (centre for alternative technology) which is also about living in a
      sustainable way. How about to the Schumacher college, founded on principles
      of holism, us being a part of nature, and bringing that into eduation. It is
      wonderfull that we can help open peoples' eyes to Fukuoka, and I feel that
      it can only help to also provide some links to other such good ideas. If you
      ask me, I almost feel that we are a part of the bottom-up drive system
      powering the paradigm shift that is all so important in these times, and
      networking and working together is so important for this.
      Well, that's an idea!
      Best wishes,

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