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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Mar 1, 2012
      Hi Norm from Australia, hi all,

      When you talked of intuition towards the end of your post it made me recall
      my Philosophy 101 classes where we tackled the subject of human
      Pure spirits function by intuition, meaning to say they get to the essence
      of things instantly.
      Humans who are made of body and mind, with the mind being tied to the body,
      are obliged to obtain knowledge through the body, i.e. through his material
      senses that he employs to pierce the physical and non-physical world. Such
      is the nature of man, that he should obtain most of his knowledge by
      learning and not by intuition.
      Some may see it as a weight, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to
      contemplate the things around us, and to use our ignorance as an excuse
      to enjoy some leisure of sorts.
      Still there are things that man knows instinctively, no matter where he
      comes from or in what religion or non-religion he is brought up in. We
      call them instincts, like the instinct of self-preservation, that of
      respect, or of worship.
      I guess we generally agree that Fukuoka's books hold treasures. They are an
      endless spring, and we non-Japanese speakers would like to see more of his
      works translated, please. Calling Jason and Co.


      2012/3/1 greenie6666 <normbeee@...>

      > **
      > Hi All:
      > I think I now understand what Fukuoka is saying to us, I haven't read the
      > actual article, but in my younger days I used to also be like Fukuoka is
      > saying, I was all for the scientific approach, but through life I noticed
      > it's many mistakes...& mostly it is "man's" smart ideas that have later
      > turned out "foolish" & it is mainly "man's smart ideas" that have got us in
      > the situation we find ourselves in these days. Before man with his ego
      > started to think he was smart & knew more, the planet evolve without our
      > thoughts into a beautiful self sustaining system. Fukuoka told me when I
      > visited him that man makes problems with his technologies, then thinks to
      > solve the problems with another technology, but each time he just digs
      > himself into a deeper & deeper hole in which he will eventually bury
      > himself.
      > "The confusion started when humans ate the Fruit of Knowledge. Adam and
      > Eve were thrown away from the Garden of Eden. The only way to get back is
      > to throw away the knowledge! Just become foolish like a bird or baby."
      > After reading the work of the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo, where he states
      > that man has to go within & find what he calls his "Supermental
      > Consciousness" he says we will never know real truth or reality with the
      > thinking mind & ego. I think Fukuoka is meaning by "knowledge" the
      > knowledge of the thinking mind..."just become foolish like a bird or child"
      > but this knowledge really isn't foolish, the foolish knowledge is the
      > knowledge of the thinking mind. When we hear this we are shocked, as we
      > have been brought up in an egotistic way to believe we are somehow
      > superior, when this is not true. This inner knowledge is the consciousness
      > that is running the earth & the Universe. The only problem is that
      > connecting with this inner knowledge, from where we are at the moment is
      > not easy, at least I haven't been that lucky so far, this is the state
      > often referred to as "Enlightenment" where you quiten the thinking mind &
      > enter another state of consciousness. Part of this state is intuition, I
      > think this is what Fukuoka means by working with nature in our gardens, not
      > thinking what would be smart, but just going with our intuition.
      > Anyway that's my few cents [or paise] worth...regards...Norm Australia.
      > --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Nandan" <p_k_nandanan@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi All,
      > >
      > > Not sure, if this came in this site..This is Fukuoka san's comment in an
      > interview where Fukuoka san, Bill Mollison and Wes Jackson were present. I
      > couldn't get the link back, but have the page saved in my system..
      > >
      > >
      > > "The confusion started when humans ate the Fruit of Knowledge. Adam and
      > Eve were thrown away from the Garden of Eden. The only way to get back is
      > to throw away the knowledge! Just become foolish like a bird or baby.
      > >
      > > I understand Mr. Jackson's scientific approach. I used to have the same
      > view when I was a scientist. You can just think of us three as being on the
      > horse of Don Quixote. It looks like we are saying different things, but we
      > are really on the same horse. The horse is running toward disaster. Wes
      > Jackson's trying to stop the feet of the horse. Bill Mollison's trying to
      > turn the head of the horse. (Laughs) I'm just hanging onto the horse's
      > tail! "
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Nandan
      > >

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