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13313Re: [fukuoka_farming] Fukuoka san's comment in an interview

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  • Jason Stewart
    Mar 1, 2012
      G'day everybody,

      this is a paraphrase from the subsection "Three Don Quixotes" page 367,
      within the section titled "Sowing Seed in the Desert" starting p360, of the chapter titled "Seeding a Real Green Revolution",
      of as he retold in his book (in the English translation 1987 edition---the only English translation edition---someone one day may see the value in translating his most up to date edition(s)):

      (Japanese original)
      自然に還る (shizen ni kaeru)
      Shunjūsha (春秋社 publisher)
      1984 Aug.: vii 362p 17p of plates ill. 20cm, out of print ISBN 978-4-393-74104-7;
      1993 April: enlarged and revised edition
      458p, out of print ISBN 978-4-393-74114-6;
      2004 Sept.: new edition
      xvi 488p 8p of plates ill. 18.8x13cm, in print ISBN 978-4-393-74146-7.

      ---(English translation, of only the first original Japanese edition)
      ---"The Road Back to Nature – Regaining the Paradise Lost"
      ---translated by Frederic P. Metreaud;
      ---Japan Publications,
      ---1987 Aug.: first and only edition
      ---377p 8p of plates, out of print ISBN 978-0-87040-673-7.

      Biggest best true nature with all,

      Mr. Jason Stewart
      Cairns, far N QLD, atm.

      On 02/03/2012, at 2:24 AM, Nandan wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > Not sure, if this came in this site..This is Fukuoka san's comment in an interview where Fukuoka san, Bill Mollison and Wes Jackson were present. I couldn't get the link back, but have the page saved in my system..
      > "The confusion started when humans ate the Fruit of Knowledge. Adam and Eve were thrown away from the Garden of Eden. The only way to get back is to throw away the knowledge! Just become foolish like a bird or baby.
      > I understand Mr. Jackson's scientific approach. I used to have the same view when I was a scientist. You can just think of us three as being on the horse of Don Quixote. It looks like we are saying different things, but we are really on the same horse. The horse is running toward disaster. Wes Jackson's trying to stop the feet of the horse. Bill Mollison's trying to turn the head of the horse. (Laughs) I'm just hanging onto the horse's tail! "
      > Regards,
      > Nandan

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