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13271Re: [fukuoka_farming] about hand held seed dibblers....

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  • Nandan Palaparambil
    Feb 11, 2012

      I was also looking for the seeder at one point, but didn't buy one. Here is one found during my search.


      Please see the site where there is news about Sreekanth of Vanashree has bought a seeder (US product) and he says it is an effective one.

      http://www.vanashree.in/Latest_News.htm%c2%a0-%c2%a0%c2%a0Earthway Precision Seeder

      I am not sure, if these are meant for planting through mulch.

      What kind of seeds are you planning to use? May be some local variety which grows tall may be an option since they can compete with grass well. During my search for seeds found that there are some upland varieties which needs less care. But the yield seems to be very bad, some has yields 500-600Kgs/hectre and looking for slightly better ones. 

      According to the history the High Yielding Varieties (HYV) came to solve the problem of low yield of the local varieties and they expect chemical fertilisers and give good yield. It is a surprising fact for me that Fukuoka san got 1000Kgs per quarter acre with natural farming. If we watch photos of Fukuoka san's paddy field, but you can clearly see they are yielding good.


      From: dobighazameen <dobighazameen@...>
      To: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 12:50 PM
      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] about hand held seed dibblers....

      dear friends.

      In my quest to reach 'no-till' farming by June 2012 (for rice) i am looking for "hand held seed dibblers" & a "bicycle weeder" (sorry i'm not confident yet to grow rice without weeding). Do let me know if anyone has any clue where to acquire it.

      All manufacturers in India is catering for attachments for tillers & tractors.

      There is one available with the National Innovation Foundation, but unfortunately the products are not available now.

      Please do let me know & best wishes to all.


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