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12889Re: [fukuoka_farming] Moreover धर्म

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  • Boovarahan Srinivasan
    Nov 6, 2011
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      Nandan !

      You r grt. Whenever I try to do some farm work,that too very minimal work ,
      I get tired soon.
      This is because of my sedentary life style and travel to my native place
      over 300 KMs.
      Never had I had the luxury of working in / with nature leisurely , with
      much time at my disposal.
      Hope I get that opportunity in the near future.

      On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 10:38 PM, Nandan Palaparambil <p_k_nandanan@...
      > wrote:

      > **
      > Hi Jason,
      > I like that part of the mail where you are asking people to get their
      > hands dirty by working in nature. I feel relaxed to the core, after working
      > on the farm from morning to evening - cutting the grass, planting some
      > seeds, mulching with coconut leaves etc..If you just manage the farm
      > activities with people around, the real fun is not there, there can be
      > people to help you, but we should get our hands dirty (or more cleaner)
      > with soil.
      > Regards,
      > Nandan
      > ________________________________
      > From: Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...>
      > To: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, November 6, 2011 3:31 AM
      > Subject: Re: [fukuoka_farming] Moreover धर्म
      > Well,
      > Boovarahan, of course, i have to be really careful with these wordings,
      > i have to be/become even more careful, so a minor rephrasing of my
      > explanation will help you i feel:
      > 法 (hō), literally the Japanese word long ago chosen to mean Indian धर्म
      > dhárma (an absolutely central idiom to India)
      > my reference documents inform me further tonight that, correcting earlier
      > use of the word translate, they didn't *translate* Indian धर्म dhárma, that
      > they chose a Japanese word to mean Indian धर्म dhárma, to present Indian
      > धर्म dhárma in a Japanese word.
      > Dharma is nowadays recognised as a word in English, as per these official
      > dictionaries' including it. 90% of English is borrowed words from many
      > languages, most of all Latin and Greek, and many many more languages, incl.
      > Sanskrit. (Scholarly ref's provided on request)—Now this is getting
      > off–topic.
      > Back to on–topic—if this doesn't interest any one of you of the readers,
      > then please don't read it further. Obviously you don't have to. It is long,
      > detailed, very specific late master Fukuoka, Masanobu language information;
      > And, not at all directly practical nature farming with dirt on ones hands.
      > An activity, which i have done successfully and learning much from many
      > mistakes, for the last nearly–30 years and so don't need to limit myself
      > to, can advance beyond, and can humbly take for granted in myself and this
      > group's members. If surprisingly any of you don't do that at all yet, then
      > please, o please, get outdoors away from this small screen and please
      > start. You won't feel what i'm writing about or get any value from it if
      > you haven't yet achieved really getting your hands very dirty in our earth,
      > really getting down and dirty as a fully human participant member of nature.
      > Remembering, i'm discussing Nature/Spontaneous/Natural Farming 自然農法
      > (shizen nōhō),
      > in particular the 法 (hō) word of that.
      > From one of my dictionaries, the Japanese–English/English–Japanese, a
      > direct copy:
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      Boovarahan S
      09962662717 (Vodafone) , 08825889492 (Videocon)

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