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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Nov 6, 2011
      As I said, translation is a profession. Rule number one is, you only
      translate into your native tongue or tongues. Wanting that, your
      translation will sound just like that, a translation. A professional
      translation, ideally, is one that reads as if it had been written by a
      native speaker. A professional translator is not necessarily one with a
      degree, he only needs to know the original language well, and of course
      master his native tongue.
      The person who translated One Straw Revolution did an excellent job. Even
      non-natural farmers cannot deny how enjoyable it is to read the book...over
      and over again.

      2011/11/6 Boovarahan Srinivasan <offtown@...>

      > Jason !
      > Very thought provoking mails from you.
      > As I mentioned in one of my earlier mails , Nf is just a portion of
      > understanding the reality, nature at its true form. That's why , I thought,
      > Fukuoka made his interns lead a simple life with bare minimum amenities in
      > his mountain orchard.
      > Your reasoning to correspond in long sentences may be right , may be right
      > to you, but may scare non-english people who may find it hard to follow .
      > After all , the purpose of our mails is to communicate and to share ,and
      > not otherwise.
      > I do share your view of not giving much importance to academic credentials.
      > These credentials are just to inform that the person has crossed the test
      > barrier , but never tells about the real nature of having acquired and put
      > into practice , the knowledge so gained.
      > Learning a language and mastering it is a good thing. All translated works
      > can convey the meaning closely, closely only but not absolutely. For
      > example , the world knows of the epic Ramayana and its beauty through many
      > translations in many languages. But the original Valmiki Ramayana has a
      > speciality , thanks to the beauty of Sanskrit language. I'll narrate it
      > now:
      > When Rama and Lakshmana enter the area of Kishkintha, Hanuman wants to
      > know about them . Both the brothers are standing and Hanuman doesn't know
      > who is the elder one. Now he has the dilemma of not to address the younger
      > one and talk , but at same time he doesn't want them to know of this. So he
      > starts addressing them in "Dwivachan" - which is neither singular nor
      > plural but dual , a peculiar addressing mode in Sanskrit to address two
      > persons at a time. Rama , knowing Hanuman's dilemma, sits with a smile , on
      > the rock beside leaving Lakshmana to stand. In India , it is customary not
      > to sit in front of elder brother , as a mark of respect - at least in olden
      > days. Immediately Hanuman starts to address him in singular knowing him as
      > the elder one.
      > Now this beauty can not be expressed in words in other languages but can be
      > enjoyed in the original language only. Like this , I think many languages
      > have their own specialities which can be enjoyed only in that language but
      > not in translations. so it follows that , translation can come closer ,
      > closer only, to the original text. I think this could be one of the reasons
      > why you learned Japanese.
      > The discussion is enjoyable and I envy you on your knowledge and
      > experience.
      > Good Luck !
      > On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 9:51 AM, Jason Stewart <macropneuma@...
      > >wrote:
      > > In our little group, I'm waiting patiently and hoping for the emergence
      > of
      > > our first Japanese�speaking Indian member. I you are already a member but
      > > haven't emerged, big 'phat' welcome forwards!!! You would do much better
      > > than my one sanskrit word attempts.
      > > <my big smile>
      > >
      > > Boovarahan S
      > >
      > Chennai.
      > 09962662717 (Vodafone) , 08825889492 (Videocon)
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