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  • Ruthie Aquino
    Nov 5, 2011
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      Hi Boze,
      I think in English the nearest equivalent term to how you describe
      dharma, if you take the English term's philosophical meaning, is *essence*.
      Essence is what makes a thing be what it is. For example the essence of a
      chair is to be sat on, etc. etc..the essence of an animal is to be animate,
      the essence of a man is to be a rational animal. In this acceptation
      rational is not opposed to irrational but to non-rational or non-reasoning.

      This is why we have so many interesting discussionsin this group, because
      we are rational.

      Happy natural farming! (If ever there is such a thing... because if I take
      the gist of our exchanges I infer that farming is not natural hehe)


      2011/11/5 Boovarahan Srinivasan <offtown@...>

      > **
      > Jason !
      > This is offtopic to Nf but still intersting.
      > Dharma is a Sanskrit word and Sanskrit is a lanuage used from time
      > immemorial.
      > It is said to be the language of the Gods ( Deva Bhasha ).
      > The word Dharma has so many menaings according to the context in which it
      > is used but a broader meaning is "way of living" or " "righteous way of
      > living " or "its nature" .
      > A small example:
      > A tiger chases a deer and the deer seeks asylum with a hermit.
      > Now think of what happens if the hermit stops the tiger from killing the
      > deer .
      > One way he is saving the deer's life but at the same time he interrupts the
      > way of the tiger in getting its food by killing the deer and make it
      > starve. If he allows the tiger to have its prey , then he gets the sin of
      > not protecting the weak .
      > Killing the deer by tiger is its dharma, but the question of saving or not
      > saving the deer is debatable to the hermit. But his dharma should be to
      > protect the weak who had sought asylum and thus the sin of making the tiger
      > starve wouldn't be on him.
      > You can have a broad view of the meaning od dharma in this example. There
      > can not be a right translation of Sankrit words to English or any other
      > language. One has to learn it and feel and understand the meaning .
      > Boovarahan S
      > Chennai.
      > 09962662717 (Vodafone) , 08825889492 (Videocon)
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