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  • Jason Stewart
    Nov 4, 2011
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      Direct copy quotation of one of my dictionaries:

      Oxford Dictionary of English 3rd edition © 2010 by Oxford University Press, Inc.

      |ˈdɑːmə, ˈdəːmə|
      noun [ mass noun ]
      (in Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in thevery nature of things.
      In Hinduism, dharma is seen as the cosmic law both upheld by the gods and expressed in right behaviour by humans, including adherence to the social order. In Buddhism (termed dhamma), it is interpreted as universal truth or law, especially as proclaimed by the Buddha. In Jainism, it is conceived both as virtue and as a kind of fundamental substance, the medium of motion.
      ORIGIN Sanskrit, literally ‘decree or custom’.

      'biggest best true nature' to every–person,

      Mr. Jason Stewart

      On 05/11/2011, at 12:12 PM, Boovarahan Srinivasan wrote:

      > Jason !
      > This is offtopic to Nf but still intersting.
      > Dharma is a Sanskrit word and Sanskrit is a lanuage used from time
      > immemorial.
      > It is said to be the language of the Gods ( Deva Bhasha ).
      > The word Dharma has so many menaings according to the context in which it
      > is used but a broader meaning is "way of living" or " "righteous way of
      > living " or "its nature" .
      > A small example:
      > A tiger chases a deer and the deer seeks asylum with a hermit.
      > Now think of what happens if the hermit stops the tiger from killing the
      > deer .
      > One way he is saving the deer's life but at the same time he interrupts the
      > way of the tiger in getting its food by killing the deer and make it
      > starve. If he allows the tiger to have its prey , then he gets the sin of
      > not protecting the weak .
      > Killing the deer by tiger is its dharma, but the question of saving or not
      > saving the deer is debatable to the hermit. But his dharma should be to
      > protect the weak who had sought asylum and thus the sin of making the tiger
      > starve wouldn't be on him.
      > You can have a broad view of the meaning od dharma in this example. There
      > can not be a right translation of Sankrit words to English or any other
      > language. One has to learn it and feel and understand the meaning .
      > Boovarahan S
      > Chennai.
      > 09962662717 (Vodafone) , 08825889492 (Videocon)
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