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12701Re: [fukuoka_farming] Rice sowing in sun-hemp/grass

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  • Jason Stewart
    Oct 1, 2011
      Dear Nandan,

      Sun Hemp sounds from Raju like a great way you are doing this season. From here in Oz, I have complete deference to Raju on this Sun Hemp species farm use and so on, as i have no experience with it. Living as I do in very different ecosystems here in warm temperate SE Oz (Gondwanaland derived very different ecosystems).
      A small–part–tip from my own nature farm direct seeding experience and from ecological restoration direct seeding experience with forest/heathland/grass ecosystems species: 

      Your second described method below is critically good as the better of the two methods (in my experiences as said above) – sowing and getting good germination an appropriate number of weeks before cutting the cover of Sun Hemp & so on and using it as mulch; Including making sure to get good seedling starting–growth before cutting and trampling the Sun Hemp & so on, – trampling by necessity which has the synergy of making the seedlings more robust in their recovering from their trampling. The seedlings need to be appropriately big enough but not too big, appropriate in your circumstances, for recovering from and getting more robust from after the trampling. 

      As we all know, everyones nature–circumstances are necessarily different (naturally so, called Protean in English after the Greek God Proteus – the shape shifting God); 
      So the insights, intuitions and instincts of your own inner–human–nature will have to decide the specifics in your circumstances of when this sowing time is and when this time is that seedlings are appropriately big enough but not too big in your circumstances.

      Late Mr. Fukuoka Masanobu throughout his books in Japanese and English–translations, mentions briefly, sometimes subtly and relatively casually mentions some of the key steps of his methods – mentions them in passing as if they are not totally critical to his methods, rather as if they are merely somewhat important in his method (meaning he covers a lot of steps very briefly and quickly). Although in his movie in India "Fukuoka Masanobu goes to India 1997" he is for one example much more emphatic about some steps of the methods, in his visits in various Indian nature farms. 
      This is again another example of his clearly really deep humility, experience of good nothingness behind everything, subtlety–about and deference–to the endless variety of nature's ways, rather than dogmatically emphasising his one set of ways only. His experience of good nothingness behind everything, good nothingness which is pregnant and ready to explode with the universe of 'things–ness' of every possible (protean) form and shape. Before the Big–Bang: What? – this rhetorical question is how i get westerners here in Australia of a western scientific worldview in conversation with me to appreciate the intended meaning of this kind of nothingness – pronounced 'mu' in Japanese in English phonetic pronunciation letters called romaji Japanese. 
      His principles we all know are clear and derive directly, as principles, from articulating nature's very obvious own ways, as for his and all instances of nature's own ways in how forests grow themselves. 
      The steps of the methods are well known and clearly known as a package–deal that are critically required all together without separation, for any one of the steps to succeed, and for to really meet these, nature's principles.

      So in summary, my only tip to you, my small tip, is that your second described method below is a critical part of the package–deal of steps your are doing this season with Sun Hemp and other 'weeds' (meaning spontaneous plants, so called 'weeds' for convenience of writing quickly here), given how wonderfully thick biomass you describe it as having all grown. 

      Wishing your nature very well and all the best (intuitively)!,

      Jason Stewart

      PS. beforehand, i sent this message above soon after your message, but it did not arrive in Yahoo – this group.

      From: Nandan <p_k_nandanan@...>
      To: fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 2:53 AM
      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Rice sowing in sun-hemp/grass

      Hi All,

      I am looking for some suggestions/insights on rice sowing in sun-hemp cover.

      Sun-hemp has been growing in my rice field for close to 1.5 months now.Some of the area has touch-me-not and other grasses as well. My plan is to sow the rice seeds in sun-hemp cover/grass, cut and mulch sun-hemp/grass. But since the mulch will be thick, I fear the seeds won't be able to push through. Typically mulch size of 1 to 3" thick will avoid the weeds and this will hold good for the rice sown in mulch also.

      Other option is to sow over the sun-hemp/grass initially and then water it so that rice seeds will sprout, later cut and mulch the sun-hemp. This will be identical to what Fukuoka san used to do, where he sows the barley over standing rice with clover and later spread the straw from barley..

      I had seen some organic-no-till videos, where they usually plant over the dried mulch by cutting and opening with a machine.

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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