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1259Re: [fukuoka_farming] Draft of website intro

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  • Justin .
    Oct 7 4:19 AM
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      Bob wrote:
      >the Buddhist Santi Asoke seem the most motivated to
      Fukuoka-style agriculture. I want to learn more about them
      and, if possible, contact some of their members.

      Me too. Let us know what you find out.

      >You say that someone has mentioned
      problems with weeds and a breakdown in Fukuoka's system at some
      point. Can you tell us where you heard this? Is there anything in
      writing to document it?

      Heard it from a chap doing agroforestry. i think agroforestry sounds great
      by the way. Are you guys into that? It sounds to me totally
      Fukuoka-compatable. Is that the case?
      Sorry, nothing in writing.

      >Perhaps natural farming is not as
      productive as industrial style farming. Perhaps it is only more

      I the One Straw Revolution, fukuoka was saying that his yields from his
      fields were as good as the best in his prefecture, and said that his
      prefecture was the best in Japan, so that his might be as good as the best
      in Japan.
      Isn't one of the list with Fukuoka now? If you're out there, perhaps you
      could ask him about it.

      Jamie wrote:
      >Fukuoka's words and could of course be part of a huge charade.

      Not what I was thinking

      >But actually for me the 'evidence' exists simply in the voice of Fukuoka in
      The One-Straw Revolution. It is of a man who has seen something so simple
      and yet so powerful and who goes on to dedicate his life to this insight. I
      don't know how you could falsify this voice or express such close knowledge
      of nature without actually having experienced it.

      Yes I thoroughly agree with you. I think he is wonderful, and I beleive him.
      My only concern is that there may have been some things gone unsaid - that
      is what the guy was saying. Basically he was saying that it is great, but
      not as wonderful as it sounds. I am cuious because there just seems to be
      something missing from the equation. Like Bob wrote, perhaps it is peer
      pressure, or something unconnected to the actual practicle result. I just
      like to be aware of and have a broad perspective of something before
      entering it and investing much time and energy. In fact that it why I have
      joined this list. Like I say, I am courting. And I thank all of you very
      much for helping me with this. Sorry that I don't have anything to offer in
      terms of experience. But it's great to be listening in.
      Thanks again,

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