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  • Justin .
    Oct 6, 2002
      Please forgive my asking again, and I really mean know offence, but I would
      like to know why Fukuoka-san's family reverted to non-natural methods. I
      have been told by someone, that the ideas in the book (one straw revolution)
      are really great and that it sounds wonderful, but that there are problems
      which he had that were not in the book. This person gave the example that
      the fields (rice etc) were fine for however many years, but eventually were
      taken over by weeds. Does anyone know if there is any truth in that? So far
      I cannot understand how, if the techniques were really so good, if
      production was really higher, input costs lower and labour time lower, how
      could it be that his family didn't continue his way. Surely they would be
      the ones who could see the most clearly, as they would have been living
      there, working there, and so on. Somehow the logic doesn't add up to me.
      I really want to beleive that it can work. I was never even interested in
      farming untill I heard about Fukuoka from a friend of mine. Now I'm really
      interested, and can well imagine myself as a farmer. What was so far from my
      philosophy - farming, control of the environment to such extreme - I have
      now, thanking you guys also, so unseperable from my philosophy - farming,
      working with nature in harmonious relationship.
      I just want to understand. This is my courtship.

      Thank you

      >From: Larry Haftl <larry@...>

      > >The closing line seems to suggest that Fukuoka's family continues his
      > >way of farming, which we know is not so. Is there a gentle, non-
      > >way of factually stating this?
      >I really tried to come up with one but couldn't. Didn't have the
      >heart to lay out that brutal fact. Still trying to cope with it myself.
      >If you or anyone else can come up with a gentle way of saying this
      >then I'll add it.
      >Larry Haftl

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