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1230Re: [fukuoka_farming] High density tree planting

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  • Larry Haftl
    Oct 3, 2002
      At Thursday, 03 October 2002, you wrote:

      > While I credit this group for the on-going encouragement of our
      >Fukuoka inspired project, I may just tell your story as having come
      >from a wise man in the group, unless you can use some quote points in
      >Richmond, Virginia. The greenway is for generations of our children.

      I always like to get a byline on my work. In this case "wise man
      in the group" sounds ego-inflating enough to satisfy... :)

      Good luck with your presentation. Sounds like you have an economic
      justice issue as well as environmental one. Hope you succeed.

      BTW, I still don't know if you are Robin, Maya or Napi. Is this a
      well-kept secret, do you have a multiple personality, or do all three
      of you speak on this list with the same delightful voice?

      Larry Haftl
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